Swim Instructor Charged In Drowning of 4-Year-Old During Swim Lesson

(Photos: Facebook/Dori Scott/Twitter/Lee Merritt)

Swim Instructor, Lexie Tenhuisen is facing Involuntary Manslaughter charges after 4-year-old Israel Scott drowned in a swimming pool on June 14, 2022, while under her supervision.

(Facebook/Dori Scott)
Israel “Izzy” Scott (Photo Credit: Yolanda Rouse Photography)

Dori, Izzy’s mother, mentioned that she was heartbroken, and yet she did not receive an apology from Lexie.

( Yolanda Rouse Photography)

The news came on Dec. 30 through a press release from District Attorney Jared T. Williams of the Augusta Judicial Circuit.

“After months of dedicated inquiry, investigation, and legal analysis, we conclude that a criminal offense has occurred in the death of Israel Scott. I have instructed the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to issue an arrest warrant for Lexie Tenhuisen for the charge of Involuntary Manslaughter.”r.


Izzy’s father—Walt Scott told WFXG Fox 54 how he’s glad to see the swim instructor being held accountable.

“Any time you leave a child under the care of someone else and you don’t get that child back the same way that you sent them off, then that person ultimately is responsible, to whatever extent it may be. That seems pretty clear to me, and the main thing we’ve been talking about is just that, nothing outside of that.”

Israel’s mother, Dori, is actively campaigning for the improvement of rules around children’s swimming lessons.

“All three of my kids are different, not having his little, caring energy around is- even our car rides are different. We’re sitting in the car and everybody’s just quiet because everybody feels that void.”

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the case.




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