T-Pain Says Tupac Shakur Would’ve Got ‘Ate Up’ Lyrically With Today Rappers


Rapper T-Pain said he thinks Tupac wouldn’t be able to keep up with rappers in today’s day and age.

On Monday, T-Pain joined DJ Akademiks on the live video-streaming platform, Twitch, where they discussed controversial topics.

While discussing old-school rappers, T-Pain said if Tupac Shakur was still alive, his legacy would be different than it was in the 90’s.

He went on to say that Tupac couldn’t hold up 2022 standards and wouldn’t be able to handle the bars and rhymes.

“’Pac would’ve got killed sooner and he would’ve got his a** ate the f**k up lyrically,” T-Pain said. “Lyricism-wise, ’Pac would’ve got ridiculously murdered. ’Pac was a crazy lyricist in our time because ain’t nobody else have no platform. If the platforms are what they are now…”


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