Target Will Be Closed Every Thanksgiving Going Forward


On Monday, Target announced that it will never open on Thanksgiving day, again.

The company was closed last year on Thanksgiving due to the pandemic.

Walmart, Best Buy, and Dick’s Sporting Goods closed their doors, too. They will continue the same thing now, but haven’t permanently modified their Thanksgiving schedule in the future.

Target’s decision shows how holiday shopping in the U.S. has transformed. To help keep up with high demand, stores have started to offer deals and sales events way before the holiday and for a longer period of time.

In the past, many critics have shown their opposition to stores operating during Thanksgiving in order to get ahead of the Black Friday rush. This is because it takes workers away from their families during these special times.

Recently, these critics have turned their concerns more to wages, benefits, and schedules.

Some businesses will remain open on the holiday. Whole Foods, Kroger, and Dollar General are a few.


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