Teacher Arrested For Sexting With Student And Attempting To Bring Him Into Her Home


Julie Hoover, a 38-year-old teacher from Florida, has been charged with a felony. Authorities say that she and a student texted explicit messages to each other.

On Wednesday, Hoover was charged with one count of an authority figure soliciting or engaging in sex with a student. The victim is said to be an 18-year-old senior, attending Point of Grace Christian School in Perry, Florida, where Hoover was a teacher.

Documents note that on June 2, the student’s mother called police after she discovered the text messages. The mother disclosed that Hoover was attempting to plan the student coming to her residence while her husband was working. The messages were exchanged in March and April of this year. The student had been in at least one of Hoover’s math classes.

In addition to working at the school since 2018, Hoover was employed as a finance director at the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Hoover was released from jail on a $15,000 bond. She hasn’t entered a plea as of yet.



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