Teacher Who Went Viral For Allowing Students To Unbraid His Hair Will Return To The Classroom In August


The Maryland teacher who went viral for allowing students to unbraid his hair, Marquise White, has now been permitted to return back to the classroom, he says.

In May, a recording of White, letting students unbraid his hair, went viral. Many expressed their backlash, stating that the behavior was “highly unprofessional.”

However, on Friday, July 5, White posted an update on TikTok, regarding the matter.

“Guess what? Guess who finally received his decision from the county on behalf of the superintendent in regards to my employment status?” White stated.

“At first, I was really bothered by how long this process was taking…but now, as I’m looking back on it, I want to thank the county for taking their time and ensuring I wasn’t an actual weirdo who slipped through the cracks before they allowed me back into the classroom.”

White said that people have been calling him “everything under the sun.” But, the district’s investigation discovered that the accusations against him were baseless.

White also expressed his gratitude to the public for their support and said that he will return to the classroom in August.

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