Teacher’s Aide Placed On Administrative Leave After 5-Year-Old Says She Choked Him


A mother in Houston, Texas, is in disbelief after her 5-year-old son arrived home from school with a bruise on his cheek. The child told his mother that his teacher had choked him.

On Friday, Denise Sonnier stated that she received a call from her son, Cameron Sonnier’s, school, Beatrice Mayes Institute.

“She said Cameron had a scratch on his neck, and she was going to clean it up because the skin had been broken. It was like a nail print, like the rounding of a nail.”

Cameron said that he asked the teacher’s aide if he could use the restroom, and she said no.

“He said that he didn’t want to pee himself, and he ran out the classroom to use the restroom. That’s how she ended up coming in the restroom and choking him,” the mother explained.

What’s more, the day prior to the incident, her son had come come home and told her that his teacher had pulled him by the ear.

“He actually had sores and scratches behind his ear,” she added.

After both instances, Sonnier has now made a connection and says that the teacher’s aide is responsible for both occurrences. Now, she wants other parents to take heed.

“He had been coming home saying, “That teacher, that teacher,” the mother remembered.

“I feel like that teacher should be put in jail. She assaulted him,” Sonnier expressed.

Sonnier stated that she will be un-enrolling Cameron and his twin sister from the school. Additionally, she has filed a police report.

The school employee has been put on paid administrative leave as an investigation takes place.

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