Tech Company Will Offer $200k To Use Your Face


Promobot, a European manufacturing business, is searching for a human face to place on one of their items.

The company announced that they will offer $200,000. This will guarantee them rights to use someone’s face forever.

The business’s aim is to have the new robot with a human face as a helper in busy places such as hotels and malls.

Promobot already has a buyer that wants to place the human-faced robots in airports, malls, and retail stores in 2023.

In March 2020, Arnold Schwarzenegger filed a lawsuit against the company for “using his likeness” on their items.

In February 2020, Promobot stationed a robot in Time Square. It questioned individuals on whether they had usual COVID-19 symptoms, reports say.

The company’s hope is to find a “kind and friendly face.” However, they didn’t disclose an age range or gender preference.

The person who wins will undergo a minimum of 100 hours of script recording. This will allow the robot to use their voice to assist customers.


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