Teen Arrested After Brutally Beating Grandfather To Death And Violently Attacking Father


Authorities have stated that a teenager in Georgia fatally beat his grandfather with a metal object. He then tried to kill his father by choking him. When officers arrived to the scene, he attacked them, as well.

19-year-old Luke Ingram, from Dunwoody, was living in Palm Coast when the incidents occured last week.

Authorities had come on the scene after the father had gone to a neighbor’s residence and stated that he had been attacked. Police then found Ingram, shirtless, standing close to his brutally beaten grandfather, Darwin Larry Ingram, 85.

Ingram went outside with his hands up, at first. However, he wouldn’t get on the ground and had to be tased.

“Who did I kill and who did I almost kill?” Ingram asked out of nowhere as evidence was being collected.

Later, Ingram, who has had mental issues, was eventually able to free himself from his handcuffs by placing them underneath his legs and in front of him. That’s when he attacked the officers.

Then, in an interview room, Ingram had to be tased again after biting an officer twice. He was taken to a hospital prior to being placed in jail.

It was later determined that Ingram’s grandfather had died from his injuries inside of his home.

Reports indicate that Clint Ingram, Ingram’s father, and his grandfather urged him to live with them in Florida after he had started acting weirdly while in college in Georgia.

Clint Ingram told authorities that his son’s behavior had been strange since he had gotten to the home on Wednesday night. This included him staring at several of their relatives as they ate.

Hours after that, the father said that he had discovered his dad covered in blood on the floor. His son had been sitting in a chair right next to his grandfather. After the father had called police, Ingram began choking him. Clint Ingram was able to bite his son, break free, and get assistance at some point.

Luke Ingram has been charged with second-degree murder.


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