Teen Attempts To Rescue 6-Year-Old Brother, Both Drown In Canal After Hurricane Ian


A mother has lost her two sons after they were said to have drowned in a canal in Lehigh, Florida, on October 5.

Tahjir Burrowes, 6, was severely autistic and had walked out of his residence with only a diaper and a T-shirt on. He had walked close to a canal that had been flooded by Hurricane Ian.

His 17-year-old brother, Tahjon, had exited the shower and had seen that his brother wasn’t in the home. A few minutes later, he and his mother got into their vehicle and drove close by the canal and didn’t observe anything.

After authorities were contacted, they looked for several hours for both boys as Tahjon had also gone to search for his brother. Eventually that evening, investigators went to the mother’s home and informed her that both boys had drowned in the canal.

Lachera Burrowes stated that although there was an age gap between the two brothers, they were very close.

“I don’t know if one could be without the other,’ the mother said.

Funeral arrangements for the brothers have been made for October 26.

Hurricane Ian has torn through South Florida and is responsible for at least 130 deaths.



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