Teen Dies From Infection After Twisting Ankle On Treadmill


An 11-year-old boy from Florida has died weeks after he had gotten an infection after twisting his ankle on a treadmill.

Jesse Brown’s family members say that he may have scratched himself which led to the occurrences that caused his death.

A couple of days after his injury, Brown woke up to several bruises.

“His whole leg was covered in like splotchy, purply, red, almost-like bruises,” his cousin, Megan Brown, said.

Not long after that, he was placed in the ICU where doctors disclosed that he had group A strep infection. This led to a flesh-eating bacteria that made his brain swell and caused his death.

“They said that because he rolled his ankle, that that’s likely where the infection attacked it. It was already weak,” his cousin added.

Recently, there has been an increase in strep A cases, but not as bad as Brown’s, stated Pedestrian Candice Jones. Additionally, many of the cases are related to respiratory infections.

Symptoms to look for in group A strep infections include swelling, redness, foul smell, and fever.

Brown’s family says that they hope that this incident will assist others in seeing warning signs in the future.

“If there was more awareness, maybe we could have caught it earlier when we noticed he had a fever,” Megan Brown stated.



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