Teen Dressed In Cop Outfit Accused Of Mocking George Floyd’s Death In TikTok Video


A racist, now deleted TikTok video that went viral shows a Lindale, Texas High School student mocking the death of George Floyd along with the movement for Black Lives.
The video that was initially posted by a TikTok user has since then deleted their account at an unknown date.
Activist Laya Washington re-posted a screenshot of the video on April 13. In the controversial video and photos shows a Lindale High School student dressed in a cop outfit, imitating when former police officer Derek Chauvin, with her knee on the neck of a white man, while he had his fist raised. The scene in the video shows to have simultaneously mocked the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.
“She probably never understood like black history or how that can hurt us to see you mocking a black man’s death like that,” Washington told news reporters.
According to news reports, the video hit social media “when another student posted a video about it on TikTok asking other users on the popular social media app to contact school administrators about it.”
The student felt that Lindale High School officials were “more concerned about its reputation than disciplining students for any wrongdoing.”
“Just educate her really. That’s all I want. I want education because knowledge kills that ignorance every time.” Said Raynie, an activist and president of the Rainbow Room, to news reporters. “I think that is not an evil girl, this is just a girl that needs to be informed.”
Lindale ISD Superintendent, Stan Surratt released a statemen this week, addressing rumors and retaliation to the student whose identity is being kept private, who exposed the student dressed as a cop in the TikTok video.
“Lindale ISD does not publicly comment on student discipline issues,” Surratt wrote. “The incident in question did not happen at school or at a school-sponsored event. There are several accusations about the actions of Lindale ISD that are simply untrue and are misleading to the public about this incident. Lindale ISD will make no further comment about this incident but will continue to work and have an open conversation with parents and students that are involved.”
“The parents of the student who made the TikTok video came to our administrators and asked if their daughter could Op-Grad. That is the choice of the parent/student. Not the school district. If she/her parents choose to Op-Grad, she can walk at graduation. All Op-Grad students are provided that opportunity. We have encouraged her to return to LHS. Because of FERPA laws, we are not allowed to comment any further.”



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