Teen Kills His Mom After She Demanded He Quit Smoking In His Bedroom


Seth Settle, 19, from Florida, was apprehended and charged for fatally shooting his mother in their residence in Polk County.

On Thursday, Settle’s mother demanded that he quit smoking in his bedroom. This came after she got back from taking her 14-year-old daughter to school. She was then shot through his bedroom door as she closed it behind her.

Settle ran out of the home after screaming something unclear to his brother. He then went to a friend’s home.

Police had first found out about the incident after Seth’s brother, 24, had contacted them after discovering his mother on the ground.

At first there was no apparent blood or wounds to the mother’s body. Thus, police didn’t think that foul play was involved.

It was only after the mother had died that nurses discovered puncture wounds. The victim had been shot in the heart. This had caused it to stop and halted the flow of blood.

Settle later admitted to shooting his mom. He told authorities that he had been depressed and had been holding the gun to his own head at first.

However, police think that he shot his mom because he was upset.

Settle said that he threw three guns, that he bought off the street, in a wooded location. However, a friend stated that he took two of them to prevent Seth from causing harm to himself. He added that he was unaware that Seth had shot his mother.

Reports indicate that the 52-year-old mother seemed to be “the most wonderful mom in the world.”

Settle is facing charges of second-degree murder, tampering, giving false information to law enforcement, and discharging a firearm on residential property.


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