Teen Stabbed And Attacked Mother With Frying Pan Over Cleaning His Room


17-year-old Tobias “Toby” Jacob Brewer, of Cocoa, Florida, is said to have attempted to kill his mother after she repeatedly requested that he clean his room. He is accused of attacking her with a frying pan and stabbing her with a pocket knife.

Brewer’s mother was discovered on the laundry room floor in her residence. She had several stab wounds, and her nose was almost totally cut off.

Brewer was apprehended and taken to a juvenile center on Nov. 30 after attacking his mother and leading authorities on a chase.

The first-degree attempted murder case has now been given to an adult court.

Police say that Brewer told them that he stabbed his mother several times and struck her on the head with a frying pan because “she was constantly on his case about cleaning his room.” After the attack, he retrieved his mother’s car keys and money from her purse, court documents note.

He also confessed to texting a friend so that he could be provided with a gun to “shoot the victim.”

After leading authorities on a car chase, along with two friends and girlfriend, Brewer crashed into a wooded location. After running away from the scene, he and his friends were eventually caught.

Brewer’s mother was hospitalized, in critical condition and said that, “Toby did this,” police say.


  1. This shows the type of discipline that was in the home. Spare the rod spoil the child, and when they are not in control, they’re gonna come for you.


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