Teens Detained After Shooting At Funeral Wounded 6 People


A shooting occurred outside of a church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as a funeral was taking place. Now, two people have been detained after six people were hurt, including one that was critically wounded.

At about noon, on Friday, authorities received an alert by the city’s gunshot detection system and responded to a location close to Destiny of Faith Church. There, a funeral was happening for a man who had been fatally shot earlier this month.

The service was live-streamed, and the recording showed multiple people who were yelling and taking cover as the bullets were flying.

One person who was critically injured was taken to a medical facility. Four other people were in stable condition at various hospitals. A sixth person was also hurt while trying to flee.

An investigation is ongoing, but it isn’t known if the incident was connected to the funeral.

The two people who are in custody are Shawn Davis, 19, and an unidentified 16-year-old male.


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