Texas 6-Year-Old Repeatedly Raped By Older Student On School Bus


A mother in Houston is demanding answers from Aldine ISD officials after she stated that her 6-year-old son was sexually assaulted while on the school bus.

“I’m angry. I have no words,” said the mother, Latoya Monroe.

Monroe stated that an older boy sexually assaulted her son for the last several months as he rode the bus to school.

On the other hand, Monroe stated that she wasn’t aware of any type of incident until last week when she couldn’t locate her son’s backpack. She then requested that school transportation officials look at security footage to see about the backpack.

Monroe stated that the assaults could been seen on video and that is when the school contacted her.

“…I get to the school and find out that my son was sexually assaulted. Days of questioning, days of talking to my child. The details became more and more graphic each and every time,” she said.

It was reported that the child had experienced stomach pains, and doctors then found internal injuries. The bus driver believed that there had been fighting, but the fighting was because the child was being sexually assaulted.

Child Protective Services has now started an investigation.

Monroe and others want action to be taken immediately. They want the bus driver taken off of the bus and the principal of the school to be disciplined.

Monroe added that the 6-year-old has gone back to school but hasn’t ridden the bus. She also stated that her son doesn’t fully understand what occurred.

Because the supposed perpetrator is a minor, the public may never be informed if the student was charged.


  1. Be sure to have everyone of responsible for your son in their care prosecuted.Cause good I would kill behind mines. May God bless you and taking care of your baby. I’m so sorry that baby had to go through that


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