Texas Bill Passes In Senate, Regarding The Elimination Of Car Inspections

PhotoCredit: DPS

A Texas bill has now passed in both chambers in the legislature prior to being approved in the Texas senate. This bill would get rid of car safety inspections for some vehicles in the state.

House Bill 3927 will no longer make it a requirement for regular vehicle safety inspections for noncommercial cars in Texas.

On the other hand, emissions requirements would still be mandatory in big counties to re-register vehicles.

The funds for the safety inspection fee would be changed over into a vehicle charge people would pay when they register their cars.


  1. I tnink this is a mistake. Maybe ok for rural areas. People already driving around in dangerous vehicles.

  2. You have to rererererererererererererererererererererererereregister your car even if you own it for a long time, because we have no technology to let them know that we still own the same car for years and years. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for them.

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