Texas Family Dines in at N.C. Waffle House Before Robbing It


A Texas family of 6 dined in at a Waffle House in North Carolina and robbed the restaurant after eating their meal.

Six individuals went inside of a Waffle House in Shelby, North Carolina on Monday and at together as a family. When they finished their meal, Lemon pulled out a gun and demanded money from an employee. The suspects then fled in two separate vehicles with Texas Plates.

With the assistance of Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and US Marshals Service, Hillsborough police officers made three arrests on Wednesday in connection to the robbery.

Tamiko Lashun Jones, Tony Eugene Lemon, and Diamond Walton are all facing the same charges; conspiracy to commit armed robbery, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and defrauding an innkeeper.

According to police, the suspects may face additional charges from an incident in Louisiana a few days prior to Monday. There, they say the suspects were involved in a similar incident.


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