Texas Man Previously Exonerated For Murder, Kills Someone Else During Car Accident


Lydell Grant, 46, was freed from prison in 2019 for a killing, in 2010, at a bar in Houston, Texas, that he didn’t commit. He had served 8 years in prison.

Now, a $1 million bond is in place after Grant is said to have killed someone else during a car crash.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening, close to Hiram Clarke Road and Brentwood Park Drive.

Authorities think that Grant and someone else was leaving from the store when he went through a stop sign. This led to a Toyota hitting him.

Grant is said to have gotten out of his vehicle and shot through the window of the Toyota several times. He then returned to his car and fled from the location.

33-year-old Edwin Arevalo died on the scene, and camera recordings assisted in the apprehension of Grant.

“We are saddened by the news of this tragic event… We stand behind Mr. Grant’s previous exoneration, which was granted by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals,” The Innocence Project of Texas commented.

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