Texas Mother Shoots Man Who Attempted To Carjack Her


On Thanksgiving morning, a woman shot a man who attempted to carjack her and pulled her kids from the vehicle. She then walked to a gas station that was close by, authorities say.

The San Antonio Police and San Antonio Fire Departments answered to a call regarding a shooting and a wreck. This occurred in the 6800 block of Culbera Road.

When authorities arrived to the location, they found that a man had been shot. The woman and her three young kids had been in their car when they were struck by some one else.

The man exited his vehicle and attempted to get inside of the woman’s car. She then shot him, police say.

The man was transported to the hospital in serious condition. The woman and children were taken to a SAPD substation.

Authorities are now working to determine if this is a domestic matter, and an investigation is continuing.



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