Texas Police Officer Fired Again After Being Terminated Before For Giving “Feces Sandwich” To Homeless Man


In 2016, a Texas police officer was terminated from his place of employment for giving a homeless man a sandwich filled with feces. Now, he has been terminated from another police department.

Matthew Luckhurst was fired from the San Antonio Police Department in 2016 after putting feces in between slices of bread and giving it to a homeless person.

“It’s a disgrace to the department. It’s a disgrace to the badge. And its embarrassing that someone would do something like that, ever do something like that,” the San Antonio Police chief stated back then.

Eventually, Luckhurst began working for another police agency in Floresville, Texas.

However, on Tuesday, the mayor of Floresville, Cissy Gonzalez-Dippel, said that Luckhurst had been terminated. This was after information about the 2016 occurrence was brought to her attention.

“Our city manager, Andy Joslin is implementing stricter hiring policies for all city of Floresville employees. He is also working with Chief Herrera on the Reserve program,” she commented.

Luckhurst won an appeal after being terminated in the 2016 feces sandwich incident. This was a result of a local government code stopping officers from being disciplined for behavior that happened over 180 days ago.

Later, the officer received an indefinite suspension subsequent to an investigation into a different incident. This involved him being accused of not flushing feces down the toilet in the women’s restroom at a patrol office. He is also said to have spread a “brown tapioca-like substance” on the toilet seat.

Luckhurst admitted to the toilet incident but stated that it was a joke and apologized.

“In hindsight, it was immature,” he stated at a hearing.

On the other hand, Luckhurst didn’t win the appeal in relation to the toilet incident. The person presiding over the case ruled that his termination from the San Antonio Police Department was justifiable, noting the “egregarious nature of Luckhurt’s conduct aimed at women.”



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