Texas Teen Arrested for Reprogramming Key Fobs and Stealing Vehicles


A San Antonio teenager was arrested after police say he used a key programmer to steal 10 vehicles over the course of a few months.

18-year-old Erik Lozano-Velasco was eventually caught by authorities shortly after stealing a $55,000 purple Dodge Charger out of someone’s driveway.

After going months without getting caught, the teen eventually came into contact with the San Antonio police department while driving the purple Charger, however, after a short pursuit he was able to get away due to the high performance of the vehicle.

Sometime later, he abandoned the vehicle and it was recovered by law enforcement.

During their investigation, detectives found Lozano-Velasco’s Instagram and uncovered messages of pictures and videos of the stolen purple Charger.

Communication between the teen and another individual about reprogramming key fobs was also discovered. With enough incriminating evidence, law enforcement officers went to his residence and took him in for questioning on Monday.

Lozano-Velasco, who was eventually caught having 5 Dodge Charger key fobs, admitted to stealing the purple Charger and also told authorities he learned how to reprogram key fobs from a friend.

While speaking with detectives, the teenager named three other accomplices, including his housemate 17-year-old Alex Lopez who would later get arrested on similar charges.

According to reports, Lozano-Velasco also told authorities about a tan-colored Glock handgun that he threw out the window during the police chase. Detectives then took him back to the area of the chase where they were able to locate the gun with his help locating it.

He was subsequently charged with Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon, and Evading Arrest Detention with a Vehicle.

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