Texas Teen That Helped Friends Kill Their Stepfather Released On Bond


A teen accused of helping two brothers kill their stepdad has been freed from jail, on bond, in Pharr, Texas.

19-year-old Juan Eduardo Melendez was freed on Wednesday after he posted a bond that had been lessened.

On August 8, an order of release was submitted and authorized by a district court judge.

In July, a motion was put into place for a reasonable bond. At first, Melendez’s bond was $500,000. However, after paying a bond of $110,000, Melendez was released.

Melendez had been apprehended on charges of capital murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, engaging in criminal activity, and possession of marijuana, documents show.

On January 20, Gabriel Quintanilla was killed. Christian and Alejandro Trevino had been charged in relation to the killing, and Melendez was charged in relation to the murder.

Authorities say that Quintanilla had been facing allegations of sexual abuse from Christian and Alejandro’s little sister. When the brothers were informed of this, it resulted in a physical altercation.

Melendez, the brothers’ friend, eventually joined the pair and assaulted Quintanilla, as well.

After taking Alejandro home, Melendez and Christian observed Quintanilla traveling on foot, seriously hurt. They put him in the rear of his truck and transported him to a field. He was later found deceased.

Authorities had previously said that Quintanilla had a warrant in another matter for continuous sexual assault of a child. This dated back to 2019.

“Justin For Alejandro, Christian, and Juan” is a petition that has requested that the teens involved in the killing be freed. It has gotten over 680,000 signatures.


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