Texas Woman Arrested After Leaving 50Lbs Of Human Waste Outside Electra Police Department


The wife of an assistant fire chief in Texas was arrested after she dumped 50lbs of human waste in front of a police station.

On December 1, 46 year old Mindy Janette Stephens drove to the Electra Police Department located on the 100 block of East Cleveland Avenue and sat 3 five gallon buckets in front of the building.

A police officer who was watching the stations security cameras noticed the woman and went to investigate. When he made it outside he saw what appeared to be human waste in the buckets.

He saw a woman in an all white haz-mat suit with a yellow mask walking back to a tan SUV with a trailer.

He asked the woman what she was doing and she replied that the buckets were human shit and she was dropping them off. She then got into the suv and drove off.

The officer then informed his lieutenant about what had happened and the lieutenant reviewed the security cameras and said he knew that voice.

Electra Chief of Police Terry Wooten was notified and contacted Electra City Administrator Steve Bowlin regarding the buckets of human waste. He also told Bowlin that Stephens was the wife of the fire departments assistant chief.

Bowlin then reached out to Stephens and asked her to go pick up the waste. After she refused they sent a waste employee to get the buckets.

Later that day Stephens was arrested and booked into Wichita County Jail on one count of illegal dumping of more than five pounds but less than 500 pounds.

She was released the next day on a $2000 bond.



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