The AAA And Dallas County Sheriff’s Hosting “100 Deadliest Days of Teen Driving”

PhotoCredit: Rich Legg

On June 26 The American Automobile Association and the Dallas County Sheriff’s office will host a press conference for the “100 Deadliest Days”, which will address teen driving safety.

The event is set to take place at the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office Freeway Management office, located at 8401 South Polk Street, Dallas, TX.

The “100 Deadliest Days” usually begins around Memorial Day and ends around Labor Day. Nationwide, between 2010-2019 more than 7000 people lost their lives in summertime crashes involving teens.

According to research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, new teen drivers ages 16-17 are three times as likely as adults to be involved in a fatal crash.

Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown emphasized the importance of safe driving practices for teenagers: “Ensuring the safety of our young drivers is a top priority. Teenagers in Dallas County must understand the responsibilities that come with driving. We are committed to working with our community to reduce these tragic incidents and save lives.”

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