The Use Of The N-Word Has Increased 500 Percent On Twitter Since Elon Musk Has Taken Over


On Thursday, October 27, Elon Musk closed the $44 billion deal on Twitter. Now, the platform has been flooded with racial comments, and the use of the n-word has risen.

After only 12 hours of Musk acquiring Twitter, reports indicate that the use of the n-word “has increased nearly 500 percent from the previous average.”

It has also been discovered that the increase of derogatory tweets like the n-word has derived from anonymous trolls. They are seemingly trying to “test the limits” of Twitter. This has been since Musk’s acquisition with users on 4chan, urging others to “amplify derogatory slurs,” citing “free speech.”

“I can freely express how much I hate n****s…now. Thank you, Elon,” one unidentified user tweeted.

“Elon now controls Twitter. Unleash the racial slurs. K***S and N****S,” wrote another user.

Since Musk has taken control of the platform, Black Twitter has been speaking out about the increase in hate speech and have demanded swift action.

“It’s really telling how many people want lies, racism, homophobia, and bigotry to be a part of their daily Twitter feed….I can’t imagine having people view me as the catalyst for their hate. That sadly says a lot about who Elon is,” stated actress-activist Maylnda Hale.

“Saving every racist tweet to prove that the new Twitter is causing harm and violence to Black people. People only understand when they lose money,” wrote Billy Dixon, utilizing the username atwmpastor.

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