The W.H.O. Will Conduct A Second Emergency Meeting To Determine If Monkeypox Is A Global Health Threat


The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that it will have an emergency meeting for the second time this week. The purpose is to decide if monkeypox is a global health threat. This comes as cases have increased to 9,200.

Last month, the UN chose not to declare a global emergency in regards to monkeypox. However, as cases have gone up dramatically, the organization has to determine if they will give its highest alert when they gather.

WHO’s director-general, Tedros Ghebreyesus, commented on the matter. “The emergency committee for monkeypox will reconvene…look at trends, how effective the counter-measures are, and make recommendations.”

The 9,200 cases have been spread out amongst 63 countries this year. This is an increase since July 4 when the number was 6,000. This year, three people have lost their lives due to the virus.

Most individuals heal from monkeypox within two to four weeks. It causes a painful rash all over the body, resembling pimples or blisters, some say.

The monkeypox outbreak that is occurring right now is rare because it is being seen in North American and European countries. It isn’t normally found in these places. Europe has confirmed 80% of infections while the U.S. has confirmed over 760 cases, in 37 states.

Transmission between people is unusual as the virus usually goes from animals to humans.

The WHO has stated that international communities didn’t work hard enough to put resources together to battle monkeypox in Africa prior to the current outbreak.



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