Thieves Replicate Check to Steal Money From Woman With Special Needs Who Made a TikTok of Her and Her Very First Paycheck


A North Carolina woman with special needs, excited that she’d received her first paycheck, posted a TikTok video of her and her paycheck. Thieves who viewed her video then attempted to steal her check.

28-year-old Dale Beck, who has Down Syndrome, received her first paycheck from her first “real” job at Howdy Homemade Ice Cream. In a celebration video which reached over 4 million views, Beck shared footage of her and the $1,500 check.

Someone who viewed the video then stole the information from the footage and created a fake paper check. The thief then deposited the check and was waiting for it to clear.

Luckily for Dale, the franchise owner of the ice cream shop, Pete Brewer, has a PhD in accounting and monitors his books regularly.

Brewer was able to catch it within 24 hours and have his bank bounce the check.

Dale says she plans on using her well-earned money to buy Christmas and birthday gifts for her family.

TikTok has since removed the video.



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