Three Adults Attack 7th Grader On School Bus In Pflugerville


After a student and his family reported that he was attacked by a group of adults on a school bus, the Pflugerville,Texas, Independent School District is investigating.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at Dessau Elementary School as a group of students were being dropped off. At least three adults boarded the school bus and began to attack a 7th grader, Caden, his mother Kelsie Trevino stated.

Caden was transported to a medical facility with lacerations to his face, a neck sprain, and a head injury.

“Everybody jumped on. It wasn’t just like, so slow, you know? It was quick like,” he said.

Two women and one man were hitting him, Caden added.

“They were like, one of them was like holding my arm, so like, I can’t move or anything. Then the girl was like, pulling my hair, and the dude was punching me.”

Caden said the problem started as they were riding home on the bus. He had a verbal disagreement with another student that led to a fight.

“I should have ignored him, let things be,” Caden stated.

That’s when the other student called his family members.

Trevino says that the bus driver let Caden get off the bus, and she located him walking along the road, dazed from the attack. When she called district officials, she learned that security cameras had captured the incident.

Now, the mother wants the adults who attacked her son to be held accountable. She is also aware that Caden may receive disciplinary actions because of his behavior.

“I can accept that because I don’t condone behavior in my household as far as being physical with anyone,” she stated.

The district has noted they are shocked by the act of violence, and they, along with police, will be conducting an investigation.

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