Three Suspects Face Murder Charges, One Dies During Shooting In Denton


After struggling with a truck owner outside of a Denton apartment complex, three men have now been charged with murder, and one suspect is dead.

Authorities in Denton say that the deadly incident occurred on May 25 in the 3200 block of Windsor Drive.

The pickup truck owner had been sitting in an apartment complex parking lot as three men walked up to his vehicle and attempted to make him get out.

25-year-old River Williams, one of the suspects, entered into the passenger seat as the owner began to drive off. The two men began to tussle, and both were shot.

Williams succumbed to his wounds. The truck owner suffered a gunshot wound to the leg but survived.

Authorities apprehended one of the suspects, who had been with Williams during the incident, later on that day.

24-year-old Riley Clowers is facing a murder charge because Williams died as the commission of an aggravated assault took place.

Now, it has been learned that two other suspects have been charged with murder, as well.

34-year-old Zachary Lowe, who was the third person that had walked up to the vehicle, and also 31-year-old Daniel Butureza, who is said to have attempted to block the truck so that the owner couldn’t get away, have both been charged.

All three suspects are now in the Denton County Jail.

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