Three Women In Custody After Kidnapping 20 Month Old Baby From Garland Motel


Garland police have arrested two other women in connection to the kidnapping a 20 month old baby.
Romeisha Brown turned herself in to the Garland Detention Center on Wednesday night around 8pm.
Kemberley Suzanne Williams,41 was arrested on the 3600 block of Leon Rd around 12:30am Thursday morning.

Initially Garland police were asking for the public’s assistance in locating a missing 20 month old boy on Sunday October 17.
The incident happened around 1am on the 1800 block of Northwest Highway.
Authorities responded to a call regarding a missing infant.
Upon arrival officers learned that a woman was inside the motel room with her son when someone knocked on her door.
Once she opened the door three women ambushed the her and kidnapped her son.

The mother chased behind the women and was able to retrieve the front license plate.
Officers watched surveillance videos and learned the women were driving a black jeep renegade.
When officers made contact with the vehicle they noticed a woman, an 11 year old and the infant and conducted a traffic stop.
Officers were able to locate and retrieve the infant. He was returned to the mother safe and unharmed.
The driver was identified as Lashonda Price,34.
She was arrested and charged with kidnapping on October 19.



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