Tiger Woods’ Former Girlfriend Files $30 Million Lawsuit After He Kicked Her Out Of Home


Reports indicate that Tiger Woods’ former girlfriend has filed a lawsuit against him for $30 million. She has alleged that he came up with a plan to kick her out of their residence.

Woods and Erica Herman had resided together in a home in Hobe Sound, Florida for six years. In documents, she noted that she conducted important services for Tiger as she resided there without paying any rent.

She stated that the evidence of that was in a verbal agreement. It was supposed to extend to five years after they broke up.

Erica has alleged that Tiger’s team persuaded her to go on a brief vacation last fall by herself, and she was transported to the airport. She was then told that the locks had been changed, and she was no longer welcome in the home.

Documents show that Erica claims that Tiger’s attorneys met her at the airport to take care of a matter between the two. She says that they took $40,000 in cash that she had in the home, claiming that she obtained it fraudulently.

Herman has filed a lawsuit against Tiger’s trust for $30 million which she says the home would be rented for during the rest of the five years, according to their verbal agreement.

In response, Tiger’s trust alleges that Tiger had broken things off with her and had requested that she leave the residence. The trust noted that there was no verbal agreement regarding her residing in the home. Basically, she was there as merely his girlfriend.

In the lawsuit, Erica has also requested that a judge pronounce the NDA she signed unforeceable. She says that federal guidelines permit her to talk about matters linked to sexual misconduct or harassment. However, she has yet to state what Tiger actually did.



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