Tina Turner Sues Performer For Having Too Much Of A Resemblance To Her


The Queen of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Tina Turner, has filed a lawsuit against a German-based tribute performer. The woman takes on Tina’s persona in a two-hour unofficial show.

Attorneys for Turner say that Dorothea ‘Coco’ Fletcher looks too similar to the icon on advertisement posters. They say some fans may also think that Turner really is a part of the act named, “Simply The Best.”

“Only a chronically stupid person who looks at everything superficially would get the two confused, ” said Fletcher’s attorney, Brunhilde Ackermann.

The lawsuit has gone to Germany’s Federal Court of Justice. The ruling could have an impact on the art form in the future.

The lawsuit by Turner is going after Cofo Entertainment, the company advocating for Fletcher, and other tribute performers. These involve people who impersonate music legends like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra.

Last year, a court in Bavaria, agreed with Turner that the advertisement posters for “Simply The Best” were confusing.

After the posters were redone, the Cologne Court of Appeals sided with Fletcher.



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