Toddler Lashes Out at Officers by Punching Them and Saying, “Shut Up B***h!”


Officers in St. Paul, Minnesota, who were serving a search warrant for a murder suspect, were harassed by small children near the scene.

Footage has surfaced in which a toddler is seen cursing and swinging at St. Paul officers who were standing outside, in a neighborhood.

In the 30-second video, a small child in his underwear and barefoot can be heard screaming, ‘Shut up b***h!’ at a black police officer. The toddler also told the officer to, ‘Shut the f*ck up!’

The little boy then dissed the other cop and told him he had, ‘ugly a** shoes.”

During the interaction, several other children are also drawn toward the officers, including a baby only wearing a diaper.

Officers weren’t only verbally attacked by the toddler, they were also physically touched by his little swings and punches.

In addition to the children, an adult can also be heard in the background hurling racist slurs at the officers. An adult male can be heard calling the black officer, “Oreo head.”

The officers were at the location, conducting official business that was unrelated to the children who were outside.

Crime in St. Paul, Minnesota, has skyrocketed since the killing of George Floyd in 2020.

In an attempt to control crime in the city, St. Paul Police Department added over 600 officers to their task force.



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