Trainer Arrested For Abusing Dogs At Doggy Daycare Establishment In Burleson


Dog trainer James Nikolopoulos is facing two counts of cruelty to animals. This comes after he has been accused of abusing several animals at a doggy daycare establishment in Burleson, Texas.

Arrest documents show that the owner of Barking Mad Doggy Daycare called a dog owner to inform them that there was a recording of their dog being abused.

The owner of the dog then told authorities that the animal had puncture injuries, a paw that was infected, and a swollen front leg.

After another employee informed the owner that there was surveillance footage, Nikolopoulos was seen physically abusing and wounding multiple dogs.

Three animals had to be swiftly taken to the Burleson Animal Emergency Room.

Other workers at Barking Mad Doggy Daycare stated that they observed Nikolopoulos continuously pick up and slam one of the animals on the ground. He then grabbed one of the dogs that an employee had in their possession and slammed that dog on the ground, too.

Authorities say that the footage revealed Nikolopoulos slamming dogs onto concrete and strangling another dog with his hands.

Information on Barking Mad Doggy Daycare’s website notes that Nikolopoulos has trained dogs for the military and founded the company,  Complete Canine Training.

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