Trooper Terminated After Speaking Out Against Co-workers Accused Of Killing Black Man


A Louisiana State Trooper is being fired from his job after speaking out about a brutal arrest, in 2019, in which a man died.

Carl Cavalier, a seven year veteran, has been on paid administrative leave since August. This came after he talked to news reporters about the death and apprehension of Ronald Greene.

Bodycam recordings had shown Greene being stunned, dragged from his vehicle, and beaten by three officers. Prior to that though, it was reported that Greene was injured in a car collision during a high-speed car pursuit.

In May, Greene’s family still demanded that the officers be held accountable. After the videos were released, Cavalier expressed his view, agreeing with the family.

‘We still have murderers, in my eyes, on the job…,” Cavalier stated.

On October 8, he received a letter stating that he would be terminated within 45 days.

The Louisiana State Police acknowledged that he will be terminated, saying he violated many departmental policies.



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