Two 10-Year-Olds Scammed Woman Out Of $1,000 Through Her Venmo App


A woman was scammed out of almost $1,000 by two innocent-looking kids who seemed to be close to 10 years old.

Last month, Laura Grasso was walking in Central park, in New York, when the kids came up to her. They stated that they were lost and requested to use her phone to reach their mother.

However, instead, the boys used her Venmo app to send $1,00 to a company account that didn’t contain a phone number. Attached to it was titled, “Black Lives Matter.” There seems to be no affiliation with the Black Lives Matter organization, though.

29-year-old Grasso said, “These thieves are getting really f—ing savvy.”

The account named itself as a “fun raising business” and has now been taken down.

As of Friday, it had conducted 14 transactions, and the account holder was said to be in New Jersey as listed at the address button on its Venmo page.

By the time Grasso had received an email, letting her know of the transaction, the boys were gone.

When she had gone to the police station to report the incident, she was informed that she was the third person they had victimized that day. But, officials couldn’t take up the matter because it wasn’t in their jurisdiction.

When Grasso went to the correct station, she says officers placed her at fault for giving strangers her phone. They later took a report, and noted the incident as petty larceny. If the boys had taken one cent more, it would have been grand larceny which is a felony.

Venmo said the phone number was from someone named “Lache.” They canceled the transaction and gave Grasso her money back a few days later.


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