Two Die In Airport Shootout During Attempted Heist Of $32.5 Million On Aircraft From Miami


On Wednesday, a shootout occurred on a runway at the Arturo Merina Benitez International Airport, in the capital of Chile. A security officer and a suspected robber were killed in an attempted heist of over $32 million in cash that was on a plane from Miami.

A Latam Airlines aircraft contained $32.5 million that was being taken to an armored truck when about 10 robbers, carrying firearms, had gotten passed security and made their way to the runway. The funds were going to various banks in Chile.

Then an exchange of gunfire occurred between the robbers and the security guards. The guard that was killed has been named as Claudio Rodriguez, 45.

The other robbers swiftly left the location, and two cars were eventually found burned close by.

It was noted that the courageous actions of the security guards deterred the well-prepared would-be robbers.

A video circulating social media seems to show bullet holes on the side of a Delta plane that was stationed next to the Latam plane that was aimed for. Another recording seems to depict the gunfire exchange which many shots could be heard.

Officials say that no passengers were wounded.

Now, many protocols and guidelines will be reviewed in the South American country. President Gabriel Boric has stated that the criminals will face consequences.

“We will pursue…those who put the lives of our companies at risk,” he stated.


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