Two Female Soldiers Abducted By Suspected Cartel Gunmen While On Vacation


The Mexican Army has said that suspected drug cartel gunmen kidnapped two off-duty female soldiers at gunpoint on Thursday.

The two women were vacationing in Puerto Vallarta when they were abducted right after midnight, the commander of the army said.

“They were kidnapped for the simple reason that they belonged to the army. They had nothing to do with any operational issues,” General Vicente Perez Lopez said.

One of the women was noted to be a sergeant that is an office worker. The other woman is a lieutenant who is an instructor at an army school.

Although they haven’t said how it was done, the army released a statement saying that the two women were released 15 hours after they were taken.

The abductors were suspected to be a part of the drug gang because of the way the kidnapping took place.

The Army, Navy, and National Guard all took part in searching for the women, including helicopters.

Jalisco, a Mexican state, is surrounded by Jalisco New Generation cartel. They are usually in conflict with the Mexican military and are considered armed and dangerous most of the time.


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