Two Former Police Officers With A Love For The Movie ‘Bad Boys’ Sentenced To A Year In Prison


Two former Miami police officers are heading to prison to serve a year sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

Cousins Roderick Flowers,29, and Keith Edwards,31 were arrested last October during an undercover drug sting operation by DEA.
Apparently the two had agreed to act as security guards for a shipment of cocaine.
Flowers and Edwards both believed they were working for the Sinaloa Cartel and were paid $5000 upfront.

The men bragged about their love for the movie ‘Bad Boys’. They even dressed like the actors one Halloween.
The DEA setup an undercover sting and had the men meet with an undercover agent that they believed to be part of the Mexican cartel group formerly run by El Chapo.

In September the men were arrested when they believed they were going to pick up drugs.
They drove to a hotel where they made the exchange with the undercover.

A few days later Flowers and Edwards were both arrested.
They were sentenced after accepting a plea in August.

Flowers and Edwards both were sentenced to a year and three months in prison.
They also have to perform 1000 hours of community service and complete 2 years of house arrest and five years probation.


  1. I know most policeman don’t make a lot of money, but when there’s an opportunity to make a lot of money quick can really get you into big trouble and destroy your career. Did they think the bad boys actors we’re going to bail him out then they would get off the hook easily? There’s a good documentary you should watch which is called 75 and it’s about the 75th district police in New York City back in 1987. Michael Dowd was a straight drug trafficing criminal in a NY police uniform.


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