Two Men Caught On Camera Using Inappropriate Language With Reporter


A reporter experienced inappropriate comments from two males prior to going on the air.

She now wants attention to be brought on the harassment women endure in the media field.

A video recording shows Brianna Hamblin looking at her phone while getting ready to go on camera. Men’s voices can be heard with one of them screaming curse words at the bright lights of the cameras.

“You look nice, by the way,” one man says to her. “Thank you,” Hamblin responded, glancing back at her phone. He then exited.

However, another man was persistent. “You’re beautiful as hell, goddamn.” “Thank you,” she responded, again.

Men’s voices can be heard saying that’s why they can’t be alone with black women and you’re sexy as f—.

Hamblin was outraged and voiced her frustrations on Twitter.

A Spectrum News spokesperson praised her for staying calm.

Her post has gained 4,000 retweets.



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