Two People Dead After Being Electrocuted By Downed Power Lines


Two people died after being electrocuted by downed power lines in Orange County, Florida.

Authorities say that the incident occurred on Thursday morning, in the city of Conway, close to Bayfront Parkway and East Pershing Avenue. They added that a man got out of a car and made contact with the power line that had fallen. He was declared deceased on the scene.

A woman who had also been with the man was taken to a medical facility. There, she was declared deceased, as well.

Officials say that a toddler had been in the car but wasn’t harmed.

“This really is a reminder to use extreme caution when out after a storm. Never touch a downed power line. Always assume that it is a live wire,” they added.

Downed power lines and water pooling have been an issue in Central Florida because of Tropical Storm Nicole.

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