Two Teachers Resign After Sexting Teen, Attempting To Have Foursome


After it was learned that they were attempting to seduce one of their students by providing him with a foursome, two high school business teachers resigned.

In April, Alexsia Saldaris, a first-year teacher, and Jennifer Larson, who has taught for 11 years, left their positions. This was following an investigation by officials at Joseph Craig High School in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Both women confessed to sending the inappropriate messages through Snapchat. Additionally, Saldaris admitted to sending the images, and Larson admitted to sending texts about “cuddling, flirting, and the implication of alcohol.”

The age of the student has not been released.

Much of the investigation is focusing on a school trip that occurred from April 7-9. This is when the district notes that both teachers sent the student messages. This was about getting close to and “having fun” with him.

What’s more, the teachers asked if another student might want to come in on the ‘fun.’

At the same time, Saldaris is accused of giving the keys to a district vehicle to the student and allowing him to drive it around the parking lot. This is when the two had “a half kiss,” reports indicate.

Saldaris is said to have sent the student five images of herself in underwear and lingerie on April 9. Messages also showed that she was going to meet with him that weekend.

However, the next day, Larson told administration about Saldaris letting the student drive the vehicle. That same morning, Saldaris sent the student a message saying their relationship had to come to an end.

The student agreed.

On April 11, a teacher observed a group of boys laughing at images on a phone and reported it to administration. The teacher said that they were “95% sure” that the images that the students were looking at were pictures of Saldaris in inappropriate clothing.

On, April 12, Saldaris and Larson were placed on administrative leave. Ten days following that, their resignations were accepted by the school board.

The Janesville Police Department will now investigate to determine if criminal charges will be filed against the pair.

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