Two Teens Charged With Killing Ex-Police Chief Laugh At Victim’s Family In Court


On Tuesday, two teens that are said to have fatally mowed down a retired police chief with a stolen vehicle laughed in court. They giggled at the victim’s relatives and flipped them the bird.

18-year-old Jesus Ayala and 16-year-old Jzamir Keys appeared in court in Las Vegas. This was after they were charged for murdering ex-top cop Andreas Probst and other major felonies.

During the court proceedings, the suspects wore blue jail uniforms, smiled, and chuckled as others spoke.

At one moment, the two hid their faces with their hands to shy away from the cameras. When they were being taken out of the courtroom, they smiled at Probst’s wife and daughter. Afterwards, they displayed an obscene gesture towards them.

“These guys did not respect the court whatsoever. They were just d—ing around the entire time,” Probst’s daughter, Taylor, stated. “They were flipping us off. How can you sit there after taking a man’s life and act like such an entitled punk?” she added.

On August 14, the suspects are said to have been driving a stolen vehicle when they purposely ran into the back of 66-year-old Probst. He had been riding his bike before he was fatally struck.

To make matters worse, the suspects recorded the deliberate offense as they were laughing. New video shows them fleeing from police, and one of them had on a face mask.

Now, both suspects are being held in the Clark County Detention Center without bond.


    1. I usually wouldn’t agree but i think you may be right. We know they won’t do that 🙄 but hopefully they will get the death penalty for one and life for the other.

    1. Prison isn’t hard enough fof this. Because they will be awarded for by other inmates. They need the same punishment they did to him!

  1. They should have to be made riding a bicycle and the daughter and wife run them over the same way. Same punishment!! I’d like to see if they laugh when they hear the verdict of their punishment. That’s what needs to happen!!!!

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