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Uber Driver Arrested After Sexually Assaulting SMU Student


Dallas police arrested a 50 year old Uber driver that allegedly sexually assaulted a SMU student last week.

The incident occurred on October 14, around 2:20 a.m., when an SMU officer responded to a call regarding a student being sexually assaulted by her Uber driver on Daniel Avenue.

When officers arrived the victim told authorities that she fell asleep while in the Uber and when she awoke she found the driver assaulting her.

The victim then told officers that she got out of the Uber vehicle and the driver walked her to her door.

Once inside she then contacted police and her brother, who scheduled the Uber, and informed them about the incident.

The victims brother was able to give authorities a description of the suspect, the vehicle description and the license plate.

However, not long after giving authorities the suspect description the brother spotted the vehicle on the 5500 block of Greenville Avenue. He then contacted police as he followed the vehicle.

Officers arrived and pulled the vehicle over in a routine traffic stop. The driver identified himself as 50 year old Anselmo Alejandro Amil Contreras and had confessed to just dropping a female off at a nearby sorority house.

Contreras was then arrested and booked into Dallas County Jail on sexual assault charges.

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