Uber Eats To Begin To Accept Food Stamps


On Wednesday, Uber Eats announced that its app will soon let customers use food stamps and flexible spending accounts to order meals and fresh foods.

Uber Eats has stated that they are working to ensure that SNAP recipients can use their benefits to get fresh groceries more accessibly from the Uber Eats App in 2024.

Being next year, those who are recipients of the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will have the ability to order food and other groceries using the Uber Eats App.

“We know that online food delivery can have a meaningful impact in reducing barriers to fresh groceries. This is especially for the most vulnerable– including people who live in food deserts, seniors, and those facing disabilities or transportation barriers,” the company noted.

In addition to this, Uber Eats is also reviewing Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans that will allow flexible spending account cards, Flex cards, and state waiver payments in order for people to order food.

The company says that this is another method that will be an option so that people can get healthy food and connect with their local grocery store in a more innovative way.

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