Undefeated Nigerian Boxer, Miracle Amaeze, Dies At 18


On July 23, 18 year old Nigerian boxer Miracle Amaeze passed away after being knocked out during a sparring session.

It was said that Amaeze was knocked out twice during a training session and had to be transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Amaeze is said to have had a perfect 2-0 following a fight on July 1. Both of his fights finished with first-round knockouts in his home town.

His promotional team released a statement saying, “With heavy and sorrowful hearts, we are very sad to announce the untimely passing of our Young Champ Miracle Amaeze, although you have gone too soon, your legacy remains in our hearts. May God accept you and keep you till we all meet again. Forever in our hearts Young Champ”


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