Victim Of Hit & Run In Mesquite Left In Roadway To Be Ran Over 2 More Times


Police were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident involving a pedestrian on April 11 around 9:30 in the 4700 block of US Highway 80.
As Mesquite PD arrived on the scene, they located a box truck and another small 4-door sedan that had ran over the victim identified as Thomas Dale, 43, of Dallas. Shortly after officers realized that there had been another vehicle that struck Dale and sped away from the scene, leaving him lying in the middle of the roadway.
The drivers of the truck and sedan didn’t see the victim when he was initially ran over, realizing they ran over him again, this time they both stopped and attempted to render aid.
This initial hit and run driver were long gone before Mesquite PD even arrived at the scene. Dale was pronounced deceased at the scene.
Mesquite Police are currently searching for the driver who initially hit Dale and fled the scene. Police officials are asking that if there is anyone who knows who the person is or have any information about the information or the drivers whereabouts, please call the Mesquite Police Department at 972-285-6636 or Investigator N. Sierra at 972-216-6679.


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