Video: Fight Between A Substitute Teacher And A Student Over A Cell Phone; Police Investigating


A student at Rocky Mount High School in Rocky Mount, N.C. confronts a substitute teacher over her phone being confiscated. A fight broke out and is now being investigated by Rocky Mount police. The video shows the two fighting, with the substitute teacher identified as Xaviera Steele throwing the student on the floor and being on top of her. Steels has been Nash County Schools for about a year.

We will  update this incident when we get more info…


  1. These children have become ridiculously terrible in school. I’ve saw it firsthand. The teacher was also wrong for how she conducted herself. I understand. A little girl pass the first lick, but there was a better way to handle that.😞

  2. What is there to investigate?! She was protecting herself! That little girl had a handful of braids! I would have done the same thing!

  3. This sh*t is crazy. There shouldn’t be a investigation we all sew what happen. The little girl passed the first lick it’s in front of us in color. The teacher was only protecting herself. These kids nowadays Don have no respect the girl was out of line. If that was me I would have beat the brakes off of her as well, it either me or that ungrateful child I chose me so she did what she had to do point blank period. There should be no investigation and the teacher shouldn’t be fired. We need teacher’s like we did back when I was growing up and for the kids to be abled to be paddled in school and cameras in the classroom to protect these teacher against some of these horrible children. Then maybe we want have a lot of children trying to act any kinda way. The students knew she was wrong that’s why nobody came to her rescue because she was just out right wrong.

  4. I’m not sure if I’m seeing the same video as everyone else but I see the girl reaching for her phone which is disrespectful for sure, but I see the teacher passe the first lick when she pushes the girl and the girl responds by swinging on her. Not justifying either act, but I’m simply saying the video does not show the girl passing the first lick.

    1. It doesn’t matter if you feel that the student didn’t throw the first lick although she absolutely did she violated the teachers personal space and as you can hear thats why the teacher was saying do not touch me! (Social distancing policy aslo violated) she could’ve handled the way she handled the student differently but she absolutely handled the situation with visual aide! If we ever did that my mom would’ve beat out azz when she got to the school in the car and when we got home frfr!

  5. These children these days are soooo disrespectful. Dont holla for help now except that a$$ whipping and go to your next class with some respect

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