Video Shows Band Director Being Tased By Two Police Officers At Football Game


A band director in Alabama was tased after he wouldn’t stop his band from performing.

The band director for Minor High School stated that he and the director of another school decided to do a “5th Quarter” performance. This was where the bands chose to keep playing as crowds exited the stadium in Birmingham after a football game on Thursday night.

He added that when police walked up to him, he disclosed that they were playing their last song.

All of a sudden, Mims was tased and went down. He was then tased again by that officer and another officer. Mims stated that he overheard students yelling and parents crying as the incident took place.

The Birmingham police department said that officers had been clearing out the stadium while both bands were playing. They then asked both bands to quit playing so that people would start to exit the location. The director for the other school did stop, but the director for Minor kept playing.

On Monday, the police department released body cam footage that they claim started 18 minutes after the game was over.

“Y’all gotta go and come down,” an officer is heard saying.

The officer then told the director that he was being disrespectful as he was talking to him.

“Get out of my face. Get out of my face…,” Mims said continuously as his hands were up.

Another officer and a sergeant then came to the scene and told Mims to stop.

Not too long after that, an officer informed Mims that he was going to be arrested. Mims is then observed giving a thumbs up and saying “that’s cool.” Authorities say that the director signaled to the band to continue to play.

At that point, the stadium lights went out, and the police sergeant instructed an officer to handcuff Mims.

Footage shows that an altercation started right after the band quit playing. Officials say that Mims tried to hit an officer, but Mims denies that accusation.

Mims was tased several times, making him fall to the ground. He was treated at the stadium prior to being taken to a medical facility. After he was released, Mims was transported to the city jail and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and harassment prior to bonding out.

Mims now says that has to continuously go to the hospital to check on his health.

He is on administrative leave, per standard procedures, and an investigation is continuing through the school district and the Birmingham Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division.

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  1. Sounds suspicious maybe on both sides? His side, their side and the truth (video) but those kids need prayers and counseling. How traumatic.

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