Video Shows Spirit Airlines Agent And Mother-Daughter Duo Throwing Punches Over Carry-On Baggage Fees


On Monday, January 30, a fight broke out at Philadelphia International Airport between Spirit Airlines agents and a mother and daughter.

The incident occurred as the unruly passengers were boarding a flight.

The fight happened after the mother, 39, and the daughter, 17, were charged extra money because their carry-on luggage was too big.

In a recording, the two passengers could be seen grabbing at agents at the gate entrance as people were about to board a plane to Fort Lauderdale.

The younger woman was observed tugging viciously on the Spirit Airlines agent’s dreadlocks as an airport employee in a high vis jacket hit her over the back of the head and yelled, ‘Get off, Get Off.’

As the teen was being restrained, the Spirit Airlines agent punched her in the face multiple times.

Then, a few feet away, the mother is seen with her shirt and shoes off, and continued to fight, wearing just a bra.

At some point, a boy thought to be with the family, was observed striking a Spirit employee prior to running away and falling to his knees.

Just as it seemed that the fight was coming to an end, the mother ran to a counter to grab a keyboard. However, she was pulled away and punched in the head by one of the agents. Her wig was pulled off, and then a uniformed official ended the brawl.

The Philadelphia Police Department stated that a 24-year-old woman sustained a cut to her eye, but no one was seriously injured.

Additionally, the flight was delayed for close to an hour but eventually left for Florida.

At the time of the report, officers had spoken to the people involved, but no arrests had been made in the matter.



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